Panaporn Garden - A return to nature, for your wellness living

Wellness. You are worth it.
When stress and bother have gained the upper hand in your life‚ that's when you must make time for yourself‚ to relax and dip into the world of wellness with treatments and practices that benefit your body and soul.

Whenever we want to rest…to retreat..and relax‚ it is most often to nature we return.
It seems nothing offers greater restorative power or a deeper sense of peace and quietude than living life amidst the colourful world of trees‚ shrubs and flowers. When it comes the time to take wellness breaks, where better to settle than in just such a natural environment? The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.

Panaporn Garden‚ a haven for wellness retreats
Panaporn Garden is a project devoted to the site development for individuals and community to enhance their health and enrich their lives through the understanding and practice of mind and body wellness. It should deliver a healthy living amidst the beauty and tranquility of the Thai countryside nature‚ while sacrificing none of the conveniences of the city.
Towards the Promotion of Long stay and Retirement Living

The Changing Trend of Senior Citizen
  • The world population is moving into an aging society. WHO's recent reports predict that by the year 2025‚ average global life expectancy will reach 73 years of age--a significant landmark in human history.
  • The present generation of elderly are in better financial status due to good pension. The greater spending power allows them to travel more frequently.
  • Elderly people living in cold climate countries prefer to travel to warmer countries and spend longer period of stay to avoid freezing environment which annually last for 4-6 months in their respective countries.
  • Elderly people need mindful friends who can mutually converse with true understanding and together work on their interested hobbies. They also prefer to spend more time on cultural attainment‚ recreation‚ and socializing--activities that will help them to alleviate their lonely lives and enhance their longevity.
  • Prospective foreign elderly market for long stay includes: Scandinavian countries and Finland‚ Germany‚ and other developed European countries‚ Canada‚ USA and Japan.
Thailand's Comparative Advantages for Retirement Living
  • The warm climate and beautiful geographical destinations -- regions of forested hills and mountains of the North and Northeast‚ white sandy beaches and islands of the East and the South.
  • Many different cultural and traditional activities available all over the country. Warm and friendly attitude of the Thai people towards foreigners--which is influenced by the Buddhism religion.
  • Safe and peaceful place with low cost of living that justify spending in terms of value for money.
  • International standard medical care and specialists. Thai herbal medicines and traditional massage is well-known for its healing properties.
  • The study of Buddhism and meditation practice will bring peace to the spirit which is beneficial to good living and longevity.
  • Plenty of possibilities to pursue interested hobbies‚ explore various historical and cultural sights within Thailand and neighbouring countries.

When considering retirement‚ you hope for a lifestyle that's comfortable‚ stimulating and enjoyable. Here at Panaporn Garden‚ we build a continuing care community with the staff to handle housekeeping and maintenance as well as providing the level of care you require‚ from assisted living to nursing.

Whether fully retired or working part time‚ travelling‚ writing‚ gardening‚ volunteering‚ or just sitting by the pool‚ life at Panaporn Garden is characterized by its many options. Those who enjoy gardening put their skills into practice here.

We will handle your most tedious chores and you'll have more time to enjoy your favourite past times. Or you can relax with a book in the community's library‚ take a leisurely stroll through the lush landscape of the garden‚ entertain friends in your home or enjoy a nutritious meal in the main dining room.

Being at Panaporn Garden is being home‚ where residents find warmth‚ freedom‚ security and respect.
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